The Conscious Club

One of the many things that unites us here at BrightWord (aside from our passion for PR, tea and gin), is our love for the environment and championing social enterprise. Often this overlaps into our work as many of our clients share the same values, so we wanted to find a way to cement our commitment to sustainability, which led to the creation of The Conscious Club.

Inspired by our shared desire to make a real difference, The Conscious Club brings together our passion for living and working sustainably and in harmony with the environment, as well as our efforts to become more mindful and achieve a greater sense of balance.

Much of what we do here at BrightWord is about starting conversations, making connections and raising awareness for things we truly believe in. The Conscious Club allows us to use these skills and experiences for causes close to our heart.

We are by no means experts and are constantly learning and evolving but if everyone can make just one small change in the way they live and work, this can amount to a huge change on the environment.

We believe that we can achieve great things when we work together. That’s why we’re inviting you to join us on this new adventure. Whether it’s participating in one of our beach cleans or simply getting involved in the conversation, any contribution will make a whole world of difference.

Look out for our new The Conscious Club section on the website, which will be launching soon and dedicated to our journey towards a world of wellness.

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