Keeping in touch during the Coronavirus crisis

In times like these, communication and community are more important than ever. We know that everyone is living with a lot of uncertainty and stress at the moment. Events are moving so rapidly, it can be hard to keep up, but maintaining a strong connection and continuing to engage with your customers can really help your business both in the short and long term.

Here are our top five tips to ensure that, even in difficult times like these, your business stays afloat.

Be proactive and transparent
Let customers know what your plans are and where they can find out further updates as the situation evolves. Providing an open and honest conversation with customers and letting your audience know what to expect is key to navigating the unknown waters ahead.

At BrightWord, we’ve switched to working at home to protect our communities. We already had collaboration tools in place to support flexible and remote working, which means that for us it’s business as usual.

People first
Now is the time to think of new ways to engage with your online community, moving away from a sales-led approach and instead using channels to inform, engage and connect. People are stressed and anxious at the moment, so content that allows them to take their mind off their worries will be welcomed. More users will be on online than normal, and many isolated people will be seeking a connection. By reconsidering the needs of your audience and keeping in mind their current situation you will be able to stay in touch and provide an inspiring and interactive platform for them to engage with, whilst remaining considerate and sensitive.

Get creative
You may find your workload has decreased as the country adjusts to the situation, but you can use this time wisely – brainstorm everything from possible campaigns to new ways you can adapt and opportunities for the future. For example, our clients The Blacksmiths Pub have launched a delivering service whilst W&W Jewellery are pushing their remote jewellery design service.

Check your crisis management plan
The world is moving at speed and already businesses that have not reacted quickly enough are coming under fire. In many cases, companies are struggling to keep up with such a fast-moving situation, which means anyone could be faced with a PR crisis. Make sure you have all the right crisis PR policies and procedures in place and you have prepared materials for any foreseeable circumstances. You have enough on your plate right now without having to deal with bad publicity about your brand.

Look after yourself and your team
Don’t forget, as you look to manage remote working, productivity and PR, that it’s important to stay healthy. Members of your team may have loved ones who are particularly vulnerable to the virus and need extra support, others may live and work alone and need regular check-ins.

Alongside policies and procedures, make sure you’re keeping your team strong at the core by maintaining communication at all times and delivering positive internal messages such as links to meditation and exercise apps. A healthy team is a strong team and that will help you all stay focused and share in future success.

If you have any questions or would like to find out more about keeping connected with audiences in this difficult time, please email We’re always happy to help and we believe that there is strength to be found in communities who come together in these uncertain times.


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