Introducing our newest Brightling

Hello! My name is Kelly and I am the new PR Manager at BrightWord. I have a passion for all things writing related. I am a huge animal lover and have two dogs, a border collie named Moon and Louie, a golden retriever. I enjoy reading, writing, watching films at the cinema, Pilates and running.

Previously I worked as Chief Reporter for Chichester Post where I was in charge of the editorial department. Some of my highlights at the Post included interviewing Queen guitarist, Brian May, covering Her Majesty The Queen’s visit to Chichester Festival Theatre, braving my fears and holding a six foot python snake, eating apple crumble with Prue Leith and holding the RAF 100 years baton. I also formerly worked for a charity as Media and Communications Officer, helping to get their name heard pitching news articles, interviews and features to press.

What I love about working at BrightWord is that no two days are the same. Working with a range of clients on their PR and marketing, every day in the office is different. One day I could be generating coverage about a new theatre show and the next I might be sending out urgent updates on the latest money issues. We work in such a small team but this means we are able to offer a personal and tailored approach to all our clients needs, and despite being small, we are also mighty!

One of my favourite places to visit in Chichester is Draper’s Yard. I find it a really interesting and unique place full of hidden gems. All the shopkeepers are super friendly and always willing to have a chat. I also can’t resist a delicious cup of fresh and silky coffee from Luckes in North Street. It’s a really great coffee shop where you can enjoy a great cuppa with a personal touch.

My top tips for aspiring journalists and PR enthusiasts would be to get organised! Always plan your time and carry a notebook and pen with you, wherever you go. Look for the unique angle to every story to help make your article stand out. There is a story to be found everywhere! Finally, remember to double-check everything, including the spelling of names you may think are simple and dates.


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