International Women’s Day 2017!

Today is International Women’s Day and as a small business made up entirely of women we wanted to take this opportunity to pay tribute to our fellow females and celebrate the fact that in 2017 women have the freedom to achieve limitless success.

At BrightWord we are lucky to come into contact with strong, driven and determined women (and men) on a daily basis. Many of our clients are women who have built established businesses from the ground up, something that even as recently as 50 years ago would have been relatively unheard of.

As a female-run business, it means a lot to us to be a small part of this network of support and determination which has over the years helped to drive our gender to level the playing field in terms of equal rights for women and men.

For this reason and many more, today we remember how far women have come and vow to continue the environment of female comradery, support and encouragement which has helped to bring us to this point.

“There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish.” —Michelle Obama


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