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A Tale of Generations

We love a good story, and are always keen to create engaging content to captivate the minds and hearts of audiences. We recently came up with a heartfelt Christmas campaign for Warrenders Jewellers, with a focus on family, history and enduring business success.

Warrenders is an independent jewellery business in Sutton with a heritage that spans over 70 years. During this time, the business has served generations of customers, helping them celebrate and honour milestone moments in their lives, from engagements and marriages to anniversaries, birthdays and christenings – many own Warrenders pieces bought to commemorate all of these occasions.

We wanted to create a campaign that celebrated the unique and longstanding relationship the store has with its customers and community while also highlighting the history of the business and their passion for family. After much brainstorming, coffee and cake, we came up with a ‘Generations Campaign’ to connect the generations of customers through their Warrenders jewellery.

To support the campaign, we held a photoshoot involving a real family of three generations wearing a special collection of jewellery pieces – The Generations Collection. Tying the project to a set jewellery collection added a tangible element and really helped inspire customers and drive sales over the important Christmas retail period.

We also spoke to customers and members of the Warrenders’ family asking for their real life jewellery stories and how those treasured pieces have played a part in key moments of their lives. The campaign was rolled out across social media channels, inviting followers to share their own personal jewellery experiences using the hashtag #mywarrenders.

Many captivating stories were revealed, illustrating the special role Warrenders has played in the lives of its customers over the years and how jewellery is more than just a possession but has the ability to embody emotions and memories that can then be passed down and kept alive for years to come.

The content generated from the campaign was used across social media, e-newsletters, digital content and PR with great results. The dedicated blogs were some of the most visited pages on the website in the run up to Christmas and the launch of the campaign generated a significant swell in website traffic, with social media driving an increase of visitors to the website when compared to the previous period. In addition to this, the campaign resonated with Warrenders’ customer base, generating positive feedback from customers both in store and online.

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