Behind the scenes with Emma on her work experience

We were delighted to welcome a new temporary member to our team this month, when Emma came and joined us for work experience. Wanting to find out more about working in PR and marketing, Emma gives a behind the scenes account of what she has been up to here at BrightWord…

My two weeks work experience here at BrightWord has come to an end and I can happily say I’ve really enjoyed all the work I’ve done here. Having just finished my second year of University, I had not really had any previous experience in PR so these past two weeks have been a real insight for me into the workings of marketing and I’ve enjoyed getting to grips with it all.

I have experienced a lot of different aspects of PR and marketing; from creating press lists to writing e-newsletters. I have been able to write a number of blog posts for both BrightWord and clients, these have included writing about alpacas to how businesses can tap into national events, such as the moon landing anniversary.

I enjoyed researching what I was writing about and finding pictures to go alongside them. Writing blogs has allowed me to develop my copywriting ability, which is something I had not done before. It was tricky at first to find the words and style of writing that suited what the client wanted and not just writing how I normally would. But as I got into it and learnt more about the clients and their goals, it was something I really liked doing. I was also able to write a press release. This was interesting as I was able to see the key details that need to go into a press release and I enjoyed researching the sponsors of the event to find out a bit about them and their history in order to write a short paragraph about them.

My favourite part of my experience was taking pictures of the different PR coverage in various newspapers and magazines that BrightWord has secured. This allowed me to be a bit creative with how I photographed them in order to make them stand out; playing with different angles, lighting and colour. I then edited these slightly and wrote captions to go alongside them for BrightWord’s social media platforms.

I was also tasked with uploading lots of photos on Pinterest, this meant picking the best photos and writing informative captions with links to websites for people to find out more information. One aspect of this was uploading lots of photos of food, and doing this around lunch time was not the best idea!

I am very grateful to everyone at BrightWord for giving me the opportunity to work alongside you and learn about PR and all the different elements of work surrounding it. I’ve really enjoyed my time working here over these two weeks. Thank you!

Thank you so much Emma for all your hard work and help. We know you have an exciting career ahead of you!


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