Are you image conscious enough?

Supporting your business with the right imagery is important in so many ways:

  • It significantly helps in securing high quality PR coverage
  • Increases engagement, content with imagery receives over 90% more views
  • Encourages shares and brand interaction on social platforms
  • Helps tell your brand story
  • Can help form associations, for example seeing photos of you/your team will help audiences build a relationship with your brand
  • Effectively invokes emotions, needs and desires

Whether using photography, illustration, graphics or videos to support your brand and campaigns, visual content is a powerful and persuasive tool. Therefore it is crucial imagery is carefully considered and we highly recommend allocating budget to secure the right images, whether that be commissioning a photographer, artist or designer. Some points to think about include:

  • What type of imagery will align with your brand – think about colour, texture, people, setting etc.
  • What visual aids will add to your content and reinforce your story/messaging
  • Where are the images going to be used – on your website, for PR, social media

Before commissioning a photographer or sourcing imagery, you need to consider where and how your images will be used. A few examples include:


Are the images being used for homepage banners, blogs or product pages? Think about the style, orientation, colours and size of the images needed, do you need to overlay text? Will they complement your brand identity? Also, make sure images are optimsed i.e. the right size so they look good and load quickly as well as being easy for search engines to index.

Social Media

An image-heavy medium, imagery is essential for platforms like Instagram, while Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn also benefit hugely from the use of images and visuals.

Using high-quality stock images or learning the ropes of online design tools such as Canva is a cost effective way creating content for your brand. However, nothing beats investing in a well-conceived branding shoot resulting in a library of images you can use across your social media as well as other marketing platforms (e-newsletter, website, adverts, flyers…)


Depending on what media you are targeting, different imagery will be needed. For example, if you are pitching a product, make sure you have cut outs on transparent or white backgrounds as these are much more likely to be used by press. Images of the people behind the business are great for profile pieces such as interviews. If pitching a news piece, you will need a relevant high res image to support the story whether that be a professional photo from an event, a location shot, shop front, brand ambassador etc.

Images for press need to be a minimum of 300dpi and should be saved as JPEGs or PNGs.

Our Experience

We have partnered with many talented photographers to capture beautiful images to support our work on behalf of our clients. Get in touch if you would like any recommendations or further advice on photography for your next campaign.


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